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1.SHEAR--All for you!

2.Ruyi have become professional (centralize resources to horizontally shear silicon steel sheets), larger (preferentially choose well-known enterprises), refined (achieve the accuracy that others cannot reach) and famous (the brand position in industry) by strategically focusing on the industry of silicon steel sheets, to form industrial advantages, thus rapidly taking the No.1 position of horizontal shearing line accuracy in China. In addition, relying on SHEAR brand, Ruyi have realized the expansion in the industries of transformers, electric welders, reactors and so on in China by virtue of various alliance modes, finally becoming a legend brand in the industry of horizontal shearing machines in China.

3.Creatively build a horizontal shearing line platform“China Transformer Iron Core Horizontal Shearing Line”, On the basis of our website.

4.In the tenet of “Conscientious, Consistent”, Ruyi will lays emphasis on the perspective of customers at any time, to reflect the values of “SHEAR”.

5.Spare no effort to build “SHEAR” brand to finally establish the image and leading position of China horizontal shearing line(transformer core cutting machine) and even global horizontal shearing line industries.

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