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The project “Research and Equipment Development of Vertical Milling and Finishing Grinding Cement Technology” passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements

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The project “Research and Equipment Development of Vertical Milling and Finishing Grinding Cement Technology” jointly undertaken by our company and Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute passed the expert organized by China Building Materials Federation in Beijing on December 26, 2017. Identification.

Appraisal Committee composed of experts from China Cement Association, China Building Material Machinery Industry Association, Sinoma International Research Institute, China Federation of Cement Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Cement Holdings Co., Ltd., Beijing Building Materials Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. I listened carefully to the “Technical Report” by Prof. Ye Weidong, the project leader, and the user report by Comrade Tu Zhongwei of Wujiang Minggang Daqiao Engineering Co., Ltd.. After questioning and discussion, they agreed:

1. The identification information provided is complete and standardized, and meets the requirements for identification.

Second, the key technologies and main innovations of the project are as follows: 1. Developed a semi-finish grinding process system consisting of a vertical mill + ball mill. The amount of fine powder entering the finished product produced by the vertical mill reaches more than 40% of the total system output. Excellent performance of cement products, low comprehensive power consumption of the system; 2. Developed technologies such as vertical mill feed buffer + diversion, double block material ring, and adopting disc speed control technology to stabilize the material bed and reduce the escape of large particle materials. The cycle load is reduced, the grinding efficiency is improved, and the equipment is stably operated. 3. The dual-loop control system consisting of the vertical mill vibration value and the main motor speed adjustment, the main motor current and the grinding roller pressure is developed to ensure the grinding. The machine is stable, safe and economical, which creates conditions for intelligent control of the system; develops remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of the system, improves the information level of equipment management, and facilitates operation and maintenance.

Third, the project has been granted 4 utility model patents. The HRM3400P vertical mill + φ3.8×13m ball mill semi-final grinding system has been used in the cement branch of Wujiang Minggang Daqiao Engineering Co., Ltd. for more than 4 years. It has been tested by a third party: P.O42.5 cement is produced. The system output is above 190t/h, the cement ratio is 371m2/kg, the integrated power consumption is 26.82kWh/t, and the vertical mill power consumption is 8.46 kWh/t. The user reflects that the system is stable and works well.

Fourth, the successful application of the results has positive significance for promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in China"s cement industry, with significant economic and social benefits and broad market prospects.

V. The main technical and economic indicators of the project achievements have reached the international advanced level.

Recommendation: Increase efforts to promote results.

The project leader of “Research and Equipment Development of Vertical Milling and Finishing Grinding Cement Technology” is: Ye Weidong and Liu Fuyong. The project members are: Shi Jun, Yuan Fengyu, Deng Xiaolin, Zhang Zhiyu, Yang Chenggang, Chen Fei, Chi Yuan, Xiong Huijun, Yao Yuexin. , Tu Zhongwei and so on.

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