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Air Lock Rotary Feeder

It is a specially designed feeder for roller mills (acquired German technology)It can be also used with air- swept ball mills.

Product Description

It is a specially designed feeder for roller mills (acquired German technology)It can be also used with air- swept ball mills.

Re:Impellers can be heated by hot air. in order to be: suitable for high-humidity viscous materials and prevent adhesion.

Technical Parameters


Feed Capacity

Rotor Speed Reducer Type Motor Type/Power/Rotate Speed


SW100 120m³/h 9.22r/min  B4HH5-160-C Y132S-4/5.5kW/1440r/min
SW120 160m³/h 8.26r/min B4HH6-180-B Y132M-4/7.5kW/1440r/min
SW160 240m³/h 6.67r/min B4HH8-224-A Y160M-4/11kW/1460r/min
SW180 420m³/h 6.67r/min B4HH8-224-A Y160L-4/15kW/1460r/min
SW220 700m³/h 6.65r/min B4HH8-224-A Y160L-4/15kW/1460r/min


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EP Service


External circulating system (basically used for cement raw meal final grinding and clinker semi-final grinding)

Adopt external circulating elevator for material. circulation, reduce the system air pressure, significantly reduce energy consumption of the syetem .


Single stage dust collecting system 1

The dust collecting device is adopted with explosion-proof bag filter and the discharge air enters into dust collector directly. This system reduces installation of numbers of equipments simplifies system configuration.


Single stage dust collecting system 2

The dust collecting device can be adopted with a high concentration. EP or bag filter, the discharging air enters directly into the dust collector. This system reduces the number of equipment and simplifies the system configuration.


2nd stage dust collecting system

Cyclone dust collector is adopted for collecting product. This arrangement is helpful to reduce the system's negative working pressure and air volume passing through the dust collector. EP or bag filter can be used as final dust collecting equipment..

Energy-saving, High-efficiency


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