Kong Xiangzhong: Suggestions on the structural reform of the supply side of special cement

The development of special cement has been constrained by bottlenecks. It is difficult to scale up, so that enterprises generally have weak competitiveness; lack of self-discipline, market disorderly competition, poor efficiency; insufficient innovation power, facing disadvantaged enterprises to eliminate reshuffle. The leaders of special cement enterprises must clearly understand the crisis of development, must establish the development concept of national ecological civilization construction, accelerate the supply-side structural reform, and embark on a road of innovation and development of special cement with Chinese characteristics.




Kong Xiangzhong, Executive Vice President of China Cement Association

I. Development concept and leadership

The construction of large-scale infrastructure projects in the country has brought huge market opportunities for special cements. However, compared with ordinary Portland cement, there are many varieties of special cements, small batches, large fluctuations in demand, large scale of enterprises, and weak market competitiveness. . The development concept of establishing a large-scale cement enterprise is to break through the bottleneck constraint is the first factor, and also the focus of the structural reform of the supply side of special cement.

The scale of special cement enterprises is different from that of ordinary silicon cement enterprises. It should be the integration of market, capital, resources, technology and talents among special cement enterprises. It is not the scale of single enterprises. It is necessary to optimize the market layout, explore the cooperation model between the same varieties of enterprises, establish a new innovative economic platform with market-oriented and capital as the link, and realize the scale of special cement enterprises. It is necessary to combine the scale of special cement with the supply-side structural reform of the entire cement industry, and explore the capital restructuring of special cement enterprises and large-scale cement enterprise groups in the regional market. The exploration of the two modes can be promoted at the same time, as long as it is conducive to the scale of special cement enterprises.

The effective integration of resources between enterprises must ultimately be reflected in the enlargement and sustainability of corporate profits and industry benefits. The scale of special cement enterprises is the result of a resource integration. How to integrate is a technical issue. Whether or not it is unwilling to integrate is the consciousness of business leaders, and the consciousness of business leaders is the determining factor. Only by getting rid of the old concept of planned economy, overcoming the awareness of “small peasant economy” and realizing the scale of special cement enterprises can the market competitiveness of special cement enterprises be enhanced.

Second, industry self-discipline and efficiency improvement

The special cement market has been in a state of disorderly competition for a long time, the industry self-discipline has just started, and excessive disorderly competition has made most enterprises less effective. It is urgent to establish a self-discipline convention for the special cement industry, and it is imperative to organize and implement self-discipline supervision teams.

Due to the special requirements for raw materials and processes in the production of special cement, the manufacturing cost of the products is often higher than that of ordinary Portland cement. In the past two years, the market price of Pu"s silicon cement has been continuously increasing, and the overall price increase of special cement is far less than that of ordinary silicon cement. This is an abnormal phenomenon. From the self-discipline of the industry, it is necessary to strengthen the self-discipline between special cement companies. Association organizations should play the role of market coordination services, often hold special market analysis seminars to guide the market operation behavior of enterprises; business leaders must take the lead in fulfilling the self-discipline conventions of the industry, establish a business philosophy of competition, cooperation and win-win, and resolutely oppose low Unfair competition behavior. Practice has proved that industry self-discipline is also an economic benefit.

Third, technological progress and elimination of backwardness

Special cement is the most bright spot for the cement industry. Hydraulic dam cement, offshore cement, oil well cement, nuclear power cement, white (color) color cement, road cement, expansion cement, sulphuric acid Series of special cements such as salt cement have made tremendous contributions to the national economic construction. However, the backwardness of the process equipment technology of China"s special cement is also objective. Many national cement industry development plans and the elimination of backward industrial policies have listed special cement as “temporary implementation”. In fact, it is intended to give a larger cement. Transformational upgrade space. Today, this space is gone, and the requirements of national ecological civilization construction will cause many inferior special cement enterprises to withdraw from the market.

It seems that the “groom treatment” of industrial policies has made the technical innovation of special cement enterprises insufficient. At present, it is necessary to speed up the revision of environmental standards and energy efficiency standards for special cement, encourage technological upgrading and upgrading of special cement enterprises, increase investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, and cooperate with the government"s environmental inspection and energy efficiency audit to accelerate the exit of backward production capacity.

Research institutes should increase the research and development of special cement and support the innovation practice of special cement enterprises around “new”, “high” and “degree”. “new” is a new variety, new format and new scale; “high” is high standard and high quality. High efficiency; "degree" is to go abroad and serve the country "Belt and Road" construction, and jointly make new contributions to the supply-side structural reform of China"s special cement industry.

Energy-saving, High-efficiency


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