The preparations for the 2018 World Manufacturing Conference and the 2018 China International Hui Merchants Conference were smoothly and orderly

On May 21, the Provincial Government Information Office held the second press conference of the 2018 World Manufacturing Conference and the 2018 China International Hui Merchants Conference.

Under the high promotion and overall coordination of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, all units have organized and coordinated cooperation, and all sectors of the society have participated extensively in the strong support. The preparatory work of the conference has progressed smoothly and orderly, and progress has been good. The conference will be grandly opened, and the results of innovation-driven,manufacturing-led, and open cooperation are expected.

Participants "big coffee" gathered

Former German President, Global Chairman of the Global Small and Medium Enterprises Alliance Wulff, former UN Secretary-General, Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia, Ban Ki-moon, Volkswagen Group (China) President and CEO Heizman, Whirlpool Global President Mark Bisier Central Enterprise China Aviation Industry Corporation, China Ordnance Equipment Group, China National Petroleum Corporation; Zhang Jindong, Chairman of Suning Group, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of Board of Directors of BYD Group, Wang Wenyin, Chairman of Board of Directors of Zhengwei International Group, Wang Dongsheng, Chairman of BOE, Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Han Jiecai, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Vice President of Harbin Institute of Technology... The “big coffee” at home and abroad will gather for the event.

Up to now, more than 4,000 guests have clearly participated. High specifications, 20 foreign political leaders, ministerial officials and heads of international organizations, 8 national ministries and commissions, 7 provincial (district) leaders, 58 overseas world top 500 enterprises, and 50 domestic top 500 leaders confirmed Participate in the meeting. Professional, 13 academicians of the "two houses", 21 well-known experts and scholars, 165 leaders of domestic manufacturing leading enterprises, and 315 leaders of well-known overseas manufacturing enterprises will attend the conference. Internationalization, Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea and other 75 countries and regions, 978 guests, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total number of guests, including 7 ambassadors to China, 12 overseas business associations responsible person confirmed meeting.

“Customers from more than 70 countries and regions are of great significance for promoting and promoting Anhui and displaying Anhui"s image and enhancing Anhui"s popularity and influence.” Liu Guang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said that the participants from this conference came from “ There are 21 countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative, which is of great significance for the province to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. Experts and scholars from home and abroad, academicians of the "two academies" and elites from the industry will gather together to further enhance Anhui"s openness and expand its global vision. The number of senior executives attending the conference, which is more than 70% of the total number of visitors from the manufacturing industry, is conducive to improving the development level of the province"s manufacturing industry and consolidating the foundation of industrial development.

The forum set off a "brainstorm"

In accordance with the requirements of “high-end, world, and innovation”, the conference organized 19 events including the opening ceremony, the main forum, the special forum, and the docking exchange. Currently, various activities are ready. “At present, the content of the participants, the attendance of the leaders, the agenda of the event, the agenda of the meeting, the form of the event, etc. have been basically clear. Some major events have also produced a full-process script and previewed to ensure the smooth running of the event and the effectiveness. To achieve the goal of a consensus, exchange of ideas, collision ideas, and promotion of cooperation." Zhao Zhenhua, deputy secretary general of the provincial government said.

What are the highlights of these activities? "The opening ceremony as the highlight of the conference and the image logo, in accordance with the requirements of "characteristics, pragmatism and excitement", intends to use advanced holographic technology, virtual intelligent voice robot interaction, and the intelligent interactive effect of combining virtual and real, will give the audience a refreshing feeling. Liu Guang said that the theme forum will focus on the theme of "innovation-driven manufacturing leads the world"s new industrial revolution", invites "big coffee" in the relevant fields of manufacturing, shares the latest ideas of advanced manufacturing development, discusses the future direction of global manufacturing development, and looks to the world. The broad prospects of the new industrial revolution have set off a "brainstorm."

It is reported that during the conference, 8 special forums will be organized around topics such as smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, international advanced manufacturing clusters, integrated circuit industry, and smart home. These special forums will invite academicians of the "two houses", well-known experts and scholars, and leading entrepreneurs at home and abroad to attend the conference, discuss Hefei, dialogue Jianghuai, plan the world, and authoritatively release a number of quantitative industrial development reports.

Exhibition shows "a considerable purchase"

The comprehensive exhibition selected the latest achievements of the global manufacturing industry, including quantum communication leading the world, artificial sun refreshing record, steady state strong magnetic field international leader, the world"s thinnest touch glass, rail transit revival zoom model, etc.; Showcase the latest technologies and products of 27 high-end manufacturing enterprises in Germany, the United States, Israel, South Korea, etc.; Anhui Import and Export Commodities Exhibition set up a retail model innovation experience zone - Alipay Unlimited Treasure Box, Jingdong Unmanned Supermarket, Suning Unmanned Convenience Store... ...these exhibitions are also the highlights of this conference.

“The exhibition will highlight the interactive experience of the exhibition, and arrange content projects such as driverless cars, intelligent robots, VR smart guides, and virtual lecturers.” Liu Guang introduced that Anhui Import and Export Commodities Exhibition is divided into export commodities and imports. The three major exhibition areas, such as commodities and e-commerce, will focus on the display of Anhui"s famous export products, and sell many foreign countries in the form of offline “display transactions + import direct sales” and online “cross-border e-commerce”. Brand. The audience in the exhibition was “a considerable purchase”. On the basis of full negotiation in the previous period, the central office, private enterprises, foreign enterprises, overseas Chinese enterprises and Taiwan enterprises" "five hundred" project docking activities will yield fruitful results and further expand the cooperation space between Anhui and domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing industries.

"Hefei will take this conference as an opportunity to vigorously enhance the internationalization and specialization of Hefei"s convention and exhibition economy, and accelerate the development of Hefei"s exhibition economy branding." Zhu Ce, deputy mayor of Hefei, said that Hefei is continuing to hold this conference. Improve the city"s hardware and software level and undertake international exhibition and exhibition capabilities, further enhance the attractiveness of international exhibitions, and continuously expand the scale of exhibitions and upgrade the grades. We will increase policy support, strengthen the cultivation of local exhibition entities, continuously enhance the influence of Hefei"s existing brand exhibitions, and focus on introducing a number of large-scale domestic and foreign professional exhibitions, while actively introducing domestic and foreign brand exhibition companies to Hefei to promote Hefei exhibition enterprises and The project made a breakthrough in international brand certification.

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