China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Sinoma Co., Ltd. successfully completed the merger

China National Building Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China National Building Material Group) under China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China National Building Materials) and China National Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinoma Co., Ltd.) successfully completed the merger, the two companies in May On the 2nd, the share swap was completed. The H Shares of New China Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. or the new company), which was merged on May 3, were officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.




On May 3, the new company convened a party committee to announce the announcement of the establishment of the merged China Building Materials Co., Ltd. and the Provisional Discipline Inspection Commission. Comrade Cao Jianglin was appointed party secretary, Peng Shou, Fu Jinguang and Gu Chao as deputy secretaries of the party committee, Comrade Cui Shuhong Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Comrade Wang Yingcai, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.




The board of directors and related special committees held on the same day studied the relevant arrangements of the new company after the merger. The resolutions have been submitted to the annual general meeting to be held on June 13 to approve the election of Peng Jianxin as the company"s executive director, and Xu Weibing and Shen Yungang were elected. Fan Xiaoyu is a non-executive director of the company and elects Li Xinhua and Guo Yanming as supervisors of the company.




Senior executives of eight Sinoma shares were employed by Song Shun Shun, Yu Mingqing, Yan Yumin, Su Shi, Yu Kaijun, Xue Zhongmin, Liu Yan and Liu Biao as vice presidents of the company.

After the board of directors, the new company held a cadre meeting with the leaders of the group company, middle-level cadres, middle-level cadres and related business units of the joint-stock company to inform the progress of the merger and related matters.

Song Zhiping, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Party Committee of China National Building Material Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd., from the perspective of the company"s long-term sustainable development, proposed that in the adjustment of the corporate governance structure of the new company after this merger, more comrades with strong and strong abilities should form the board of directors. Board of Supervisors and Managers. To this end, he and the vice chairman of the group, deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of directors of China National Materials Co., Ltd. Liu Zhijiang offered to continue to serve in the new company. This is an important event in the process of reform and development of China Building Materials. The party committee and the board of directors have carefully studied the matter and agreed to the request made by the two leading comrades and their outstanding achievements and outstanding achievements for the company"s development. Contributions pay high respect.

Over the years, Comrade Song Zhiping and Comrade Liu Zhijiang have led the two companies of China National Building Materials and Sinoma Co., Ltd. to achieve brilliant results and made great contributions to the company"s development.

When Song Zhiping was appointed as the chairman of the board of directors of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd., he shouldered the strategic responsibility of implementing the Group"s bigger and stronger main business and restructuring and listing. In the face of serious problems such as severe surplus, vicious competition, structural imbalances, and the problems of weak foundations, poor foundations, and small business scales in the early-stage enterprises, he has made great achievements in strategic development and outstanding management wisdom around how traditional industries develop and surplus. How to highlight the encirclement of the industry, how to reform the state-owned enterprises and other issues, and explore a new development path of "capital operations, joint restructuring, management integration, integrated innovation." He united and led all cadres and employees, overcame numerous difficulties to complete the listing of Hong Kong, carried out large-scale joint restructuring, and effectively implemented the integrated optimization and innovation development after the reorganization, and developed a grassroots central enterprise with a revenue of only several billion yuan into a multi-owned enterprise. The world"s largest building materials industry with a revenue of 100 billion in the world, and a corporate story of "industry integration, stable operation, excellent performance, and rapid growth". His development philosophy and corporate practice have provided new ideas and useful lessons for the surplus industry to fully adapt to the new normal and promote supply-side structural reforms, and also contributed to the market-oriented reform of state-owned enterprises and regional economic development.

During his tenure as chairman of Sinoma Corporation, Comrade Liu Zhijiang actively responded to the complicated and ever-changing business situation and various risk challenges, implemented the new development concept and national strategy, and adhered to the idea of "inheritance, innovation and development" and determined the Sinoma shares. The enterprise orientation of "innovative, international and value" has clearly defined the three major businesses of "engineering services, cement and new materials", and promoted the major transformation of the company"s industrial development from scale to quality and efficiency, for shareholders, The society continues to create value and lays the foundation for the sustainable and rapid development of Sinoma. In recent years, under the guidance of his general idea of “accelerating two optimizations, deepening two enhancements, and promoting three transformations”, Sinoma Co., Ltd. continued to improve its capital and management structure by continuously optimizing its development strategy. The industrial layout, consolidating the foundation of sustainable development, the core competitiveness and brand influence have been steadily improved, and the quality and efficiency of development have been greatly enhanced. Under his leadership, Sinoma"s cement equipment engineering services business market share ranked first in the world for ten consecutive years, successfully shaping the international popularity and influence of the "SINOMA" brand, and becoming the "going out" of the central enterprises. business card.

Since the group level reorganization, Comrade Song Zhiping and Comrade Liu Zhijiang have attached great importance to the reorganization of the two listed companies. With a grand strategic structure and forward-looking vision, they have determined the plan of the merger of the two companies and personally promoted the rapid implementation of the plan. With the joint efforts of the two companies, the merger plan has received high support from all parties and achieved extraordinary results with a shareholder approval rate of over 99%.

At present, the new company has formed a three-pronged development pattern of cement, new materials and engineering services. It is marching towards world-class building materials enterprises. Song Zhiping and Liu Zhijiang, as the main leaders of the board of directors and party committee of China National Building Material Group, will continue to give strong support to the development of new companies.




At the cadre meeting, Song Zhiping first fully affirmed and praised the hard work of the two companies in the merger work, and at the same time, emotionally reviewed the development history of the two companies and raised ardent hopes and requirements for the future development of the new company. . He said that China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Sinoma Co., Ltd. were listed in Hong Kong in 2006 and 2007 respectively. They have grown and developed over the past ten years, creating seven world firsts, achieving brilliant results and cultivating outstanding teams. Development has made a huge contribution. He stressed that the new company is equipped with a young and powerful board of supervisors and management team, and hopes that every cadre can exert enthusiasm and effectively promote the work of the new company. The first is to adhere to the concept, to deeply understand the Group"s development philosophy and strategy, management, management, innovation and other ideas, to maintain a clear mind; the second is to clear responsibility, do a good job, focus on economic benefits, and resolutely complete this year"s production At the same time, we will accelerate the reorganization of the three major businesses of cement, new materials and engineering services, and do a good job in key tasks such as reduction and coordination; third, we must do a good job in party building, bring a good team, actively promote the group culture, and form a good performance. The team is neat and reorganized in an orderly manner.




Comrade Liu Zhijiang put forward four requirements for doing a good job in the new company: First, we must unify our thoughts into the spirit of Comrade Song Zhiping’s speech and unify the tasks of the new company. Second, we must implement the responsibility. Kung Fu; the third is to work hard on the refinement measures; the fourth is to work hard to strengthen implementation. He said that the results of the merger are not easy to come by, and everyone should cherish it. The development of enterprises has never been flat. I hope that when you encounter difficulties and challenges, you will not blame yourself, blame others, do not give up your confidence, do not forget your original intentions, do not evade your responsibilities, work together to overcome difficulties, and hope that the new company will continue to open up and continue. Create brilliant.




Cao Jianglin, general manager of China National Building Material Group and secretary of the Party Committee of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd., presided over the cadre meeting. He said that although the leaders of Song Zhiping and Liu Zhijiang no longer held the leadership positions of the new company, they loved the company and worked hard. To be passed down and carry forward, the beautiful Jiangshan that they laid down for the company provides a vast world for the broad-based cadres and employees. Their clear development strategy and unique corporate culture are the company"s most valuable assets. The development of the company is vital to the group. The management of the company feels that the responsibility is great and the mission is glorious. Under the leadership of the group, we must unite and lead the cadres and employees, unify our thinking, strengthen our confidence, unite, work hard, and strictly demand. Strive to work harder to become stronger and better.

The management of the new company unanimously stated that they will unite as one, forge ahead, and spare no effort to build a world-class building materials enterprise with global competitiveness, and will continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of leading the healthy development of the industry and create more brilliant new journeys from big to great. Achievements, returning shareholders and society with better results.

After the merger, the new company has total assets of more than 460 billion yuan, ranking first in the world in seven areas of cement, commercial concrete, gypsum board, fiberglass, wind power blades, cement engineering services and glass engineering market. It owns 7 A-share listed companies. The total number of employees exceeds 160,000. The new company has a more comprehensive and comprehensive competitive advantage in terms of industrial layout, production scale, marketing, operation management and control, and technological innovation. It will help to further consolidate the industry"s leading position, enrich regional and product layout, and optimize procurement and production. Management system, integrate overseas resources, realize the integration and sharing of research and development resources, and improve the financing structure.

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