2018 China Cement Listed Companies" Comprehensive Strength Ranking

In order to demonstrate the competitive strength of listed companies in China"s cement industry, encourage cement companies to become better and stronger, cultivate leading enterprises with international competitiveness and influence, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the cement industry. The China Cement Association adheres to the principles of openness, justice and science. Organized experts in the industry and experts in the securities and financial circles to jointly conduct the evaluation and selection. This year"s comprehensive strength selection indicators include: cement sales, profits, market capitalization, assets, net profit. The results of the comprehensive strength ranking of China Cement listed companies in 2018 will be announced.

Judging from the results of the comprehensive strength ranking of China Cement listed companies in 2018, Conch Cement and China National Building Materials continued to maintain the first and second positions with absolute advantage; Jinluo Group ranked 1st to 3rd; China Resources Cement Holdings, Huaxin Cement and Jidong Cement remains in the top ten ranks and its rankings have changed slightly. There are four new companies entering the top ten rankings: China Tianrui Cement, Asia Cement (China), West Cement and Tower Group. Among them, China Tianrui Cement has significantly increased its market value and its net profit has reached 1 billion yuan. The ranking rose to the seventh place; the other three companies also had relatively good profitability. The most obvious improvement was in West Cement. The net profit increased by about 68 times year-on-year, and the ranking increased by 14 places. Among the top ranked companies last year, China National Materials and Taimu International have been withdrawn from the market. Shanshui Cement has not released its 2017 results, and China National Building Materials does not include China National Materials.



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