The “Special Action for the Promotion of Standards for the Targets of 100 Cities and Enterprises” was held in Beijing.

On July 4, 2018, the National Building Materials and Equipment Standardization Technical Committee organized a work conference for building materials and equipment experts in the “Special Action for Enhancing Standards for 100% Enterprises and Enterprises”, from Standardization Technical Committees, Industry Associations, Standardization Research and Service Organizations. A total of 20 experts from inspection and testing institutions, enterprises, users, and representatives from participating companies participated in the meeting. Zhou Lizhen, deputy director of the Structural Adjustment Department of the China Building Materials Federation, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Yumin, Secretary General of the Standards Committee.

The meeting was organized in accordance with the overall plan for the “Special Action Plan for the Promotion of Standards for Standards and Enterprises of 100 Cities and Enterprises”, and was standardized by the State under the guidance of the “Specifications for the Implementation of Special Actions” and the “Working Procedures and Requirements Determined by the Benchmarking Research”. The Management Committee and Baicheng Qianye Enterprise were entrusted to the Special Action Office of the Standards for the Promotion of Standards, and the National Building Materials Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC465) organized the research and development of the vertical roller mill in line with the actual development of China"s building materials and equipment industry. “Special Action Work Plan for Aircraft Standards” and “Technical List of Benchmarking Standards and Benchmarking for Roller Presses”.

At the meeting, Secretary-General Wang Yumin first introduced the work of “Special Action for Enhancing Standards for Enterprises in the 100 Cities and Thousands of Enterprises”, the meaning and content of the special actions, the background, the main implementation process, the progress of the work, and the work of the Standards Committee. And the drafting instructions for the "Special Action Work Plan for the Vertical Roller Mill Standard Lifting" and the "Work Plan for the Rolling Machine Benchmarking Standard Lifting Special Action". Deputy Director Zhou Lizhen made suggestions on the overall situation of the special action, the preparation of the technical plan and the development of the next step. The special action enterprises introduced the roller press and the vertical mill products to introduce the special action of the standard uplifting.




At the meeting, a group of 15 experts including the “Special Action for Enhancing the Standards for Enterprises in the 100 Cities” was established. The Group of Experts on Building Materials and Equipment (Vertical Roller and Roller Expert Working Group); The technical scheme for the benchmarking of grinding products and roller press products (draft), the benchmarking list of relevant benchmarking standards, key technical indicators and testing and evaluation methods in the technical proposal (draft) of the two products The plan and the reasons for the selection of the key indicators and their technical indicators, and the basis for the determination, are discussed item by item, and the revised opinions are proposed. After careful study and discussion, the experts have initially formed a draft of the internationally advanced benchmarking technical proposal (draft for comments) and a drafting of the draft (draft for comment draft) from the perspective of leading the promotion.

The meeting requested that through special action work, it should be upgraded under the standard and innovated in the comparison. Gradually lead the improvement of the quality of building materials and equipment products with advanced standards, and realize the transformation of the main body of the enterprise from the “standardsetter” to the “winner” and the transition from “the winner” to the “leader”.

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